We are always glad for the occasions when we are in the company of Jim’s paintings, even if those occasions require a little sweat and elbow grease. We met recently at Vilnis Vitols’ antiques showroom, Vilnis and Company, to wire the paintings for the Shenandoah University exhibition.

At Home

After many months of preparation, seeing images of the paintings on screens and in print and seeing the paintings themselves at the mill before they were hung, what struck me immediately when I finally saw them at the opening was how comfortable and natural the paintings looked in their surroundings at the mill, as if the mill was built to house them.

Hangin’ at the Mill

Yesterday the show organizers and a volunteer crew (husbands and sons) began hanging the show in the second floor gallery at the mill. The paintings fit comfortably in their surroundings, not yet formally hung on the walls. It gave me a sense of what it must be like to have one of these paintings in your home where it becomes a familiar presence.